15.3 Moving Domains and Post Offices from NetWare Servers to Windows Servers

The Windows server where you move domains and post offices must be running a supported version of Windows Server.

  1. Stop all NetWare GroupWise agents on the NetWare server.

  2. Map a drive from the Windows server where you want to move the domain and/or post office to the NetWare server where the domain or post office currently resides.

  3. Copy the entire directory structure for the domain and/or post office from the NetWare server to the Windows server.

    For detailed instructions for the copy procedure, see Moving a Domain and Moving a Post Office in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide:

  4. Install the existing version of the GroupWise agents (MTA and POA) on the Windows server, specifying the new location for the domain and/or post office during the installation process.

    NOTE:It is not necessary to install the existing version of the GWIA and WebAccess on the Windows server. You will simply install the GroupWise 2012 versions at the appropriate time in the update process.

  5. In ConsoleOne, edit the GroupWise Agent objects to use the IP address or DNS hostname of the Windows server.

  6. Make sure that the existing versions of the agents run successfully for the domain and/or post office in the new Windows location.

IMPORTANT:After the after the move from NetWare to Windows and before you update to GroupWise 2012, ensure that your GroupWise system functions correctly with the original version of the GroupWise software. Ensure that eDirectory user synchronization is functioning on Windows, as described in Section 15.4, Re-establishing eDirectory User Synchronization after Migration.

After you have moved the domains and post offices from NetWare to Windows, you are ready to update your GroupWise system to GroupWise 2012. Continue with Preparing Your GroupWise 8 System for the Update.