27.1 Administering NetWare Domains from Linux

  1. When you need to access domains on NetWare servers from Linux ConsoleOne, use the following mount command on the Linux server where you run ConsoleOne:

    mount -t ncpfs netware_server/fully_qualified_admininstrator_user 
                      /linux_mount_directory -o ipserver=netware_server_ip_address
    1. Replace netware_server with the fully qualified DNS hostname of the NetWare server that you are mounting to the local Linux server, such as gwmail.provo1.novell.com.

    2. Replace fully_qualified_admininstrator_userwith the user name and eDirectory context of a user that can log in to eDirectory and access the NetWare server, such as admin.users.novell

    3. Replace linux_mount_directory with the full path for the directory where you plan to mount the NetWare server, such as /mnt/gwmail.

    4. Replace netware_server_ip_address with the IP address of the NetWare server.

  2. Create the Linux mount directory referenced in Step 1.c.

  3. Create a script in the /mnt directory with the resulting mount command, then run the script to mount the NetWare server to the local Linux server.

  4. To make the mount persistent, so that it is automatically available whenever you reboot the Linux server, edit the /etc/fstab file with the same information that you used in the mount command.