10.8 Merging a Site #2 Domain into Site #1

  1. In ConsoleOne, make sure you are connected to Site #1.

  2. In the GroupWise View, right-click the Site #2 external domain that you want to merge into Site #1, then click System Maintenance (worksheet item 5 and worksheet item 10).

  3. Verify that Merge External Domain is selected, then click Run to start the Merge Domain Advisor.

  4. In the Merge Domain into System dialog box, click Next.

  5. (Conditional) If the Rights Warning dialog box is displayed, make sure you have sufficient rights (see Section 9.1, Setting Up Administrator Rights), then click Next.

  6. In the Path to Domain dialog box, specify the path to the directory containing the domain’s database (worksheet item 21), then click Next.

  7. In the Merge External Systems dialog box, click Yes to indicate that you want the Site #2 domain to include information about its defined external systems, then click Next.

    This refers to systems, not domains. These are created for external synchronization.

    This information includes the definition and links for Site #1.

  8. In the Update eDirectory Objects dialog box, select Yes if you have access to the eDirectory tree in which the domain is located, then click Next.


    If you don’t have access to the domain’s eDirectory tree, select No, then click Next. After you merge the domain, you need to send the merged domain’s database to someone who has access to the domain’s eDirectory tree. He or she can then use the Graft GroupWise Objects utility to update the domain’s objects in the eDirectory tree (see Graft GroupWise Objects in GroupWise Utilities in System in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide).

  9. (Conditional) If you have not already done so, shut down the primary domain’s MTA and the MTA that services the domain you are merging, then click Next.

  10. In the Ready to Merge Domain dialog box, click Merge to begin the merging process.

    When the process has completed, the Domain Successfully Merged dialog box is displayed.

  11. Click Done to exit the Merge GroupWise Domains Advisor.

    The merged Site #2 domain now appears as a secondary domain in Site #1.

  12. Repeat Step 2 through Step 11 to merge any other external domains (that is, the secondary domains that you have released from Site #2) (worksheet item 5 and worksheet item 10).