10.2 Using Linux ConsoleOne to Access Domains and Post Offices on NetWare or Windows

In order for you to be able to use ConsoleOne on Linux to administer GroupWise domains, post offices, and agents that are located on NetWare or Windows, the NetWare or Windows servers where the domains, post offices, and agents are located must be accessible from Linux.

10.2.1 Making a NetWare or Windows Server Visible from Linux

To make a NetWare or Windows server visible from Linux, you mount the directory you need to access as a Linux file system.

Table 10-1 Creating a Connection from Linux to NetWare or Windows

Operating System

Connection Method


mount -t ncpfs NetWare_server_full_DNS_name_or_IP_address
               -o user=fully_qualified_user_name
               -o ipserver=NetWare_server_full_DNS_name

A NetWare server full DNS name should have the format of mail2.provo.corporate.com. A fully qualified user name should have the format of Admin.Users.Corporate. A typical Linux mount location would be /mnt.

You can also use Novell Remote Manager (NRM) to create the NCP mount.


mount -t smbfs //Windows_server_name_or_IP_address/sharename
               -o username=Windows_user_name

To use this command, the WINS protocol must be functioning properly on your network. The specified Windows user must have sufficient rights to access the post office directory.

10.2.2 Accessing a Domain or Post Office on NetWare or Windows from Linux ConsoleOne

After you have made the NetWare or Windows server visible from Linux:

  1. Mount the domain directory to the Linux server.

  2. In Linux ConsoleOne, authenticate to the eDirectory tree where the Domain object is located.

  3. Click Tools > GroupWise System Operations > Select Domain.

  4. Browse to and select the domain directory, then click OK.

You can now use Linux ConsoleOne to administer all GroupWise objects that belong to the domain that is located on NetWare or Windows.