1.0 What Is the Server Migration Utility?

The GroupWise Server Migration Utility is a tool to help you move GroupWise components (post offices, domains, and agents) from NetWare or Windows servers to Linux servers.

IMPORTANT:If you have a domain or post office that is located on a SAN, and it has been serviced by the GroupWise NetWare or Windows agents in the past, you can convert the domain or post office for use with the GroupWise Linux agents without moving. For instructions, see Section III, In-Place Database Migration.

The Server Migration Utility prompts you for information so it can set up the connection between the source NetWare or Windows server where a GroupWise component is located and the destination Linux server where you want to migrate that GroupWise component. The utility then creates the connection, transfers the GroupWise data, and installs and starts the Linux GroupWise agent or agents for the component. Users can still use their client of choice (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) to access their mailboxes, regardless of whether the mailboxes reside on Linux, NetWare, or Windows servers.

If you want to understand what happens “behind the scenes,” continue reading this section. If you just want to install and run the utility, skip this section and continue with Section 2.0, System Requirements, Section 3.0, Installing the Server Migration Utility, and Section 4.0, Planning Your GroupWise Server Migration. You can return to this “behind the scenes” information during the migration procedure if you want.

IMPORTANT:The Server Migration Utility moves GroupWise components from one server to another. It does not move GroupWise components to a different GroupWise system, a different eDirectory tree, or a different version of GroupWise software.

The Server Migration Utility is not cluster aware. You can use it to move data to a Linux server that is part of a cluster, but the utility is not aware of the other nodes in the cluster.