12.1 Managing Mailbox Passwords

12.1.1 Getting Help When You Have Forgotten Your Password

If you have forgotten your password and are unable to log in, click the Can’t log in? link on the Login page for more information about how to get your password reset in your organization.

12.1.2 Using LDAP Authentication

If your GroupWise administrator has turned on LDAP authentication, your LDAP password is used to access your Mailbox instead of a GroupWise password. With LDAP authentication, you are required to have a password and you cannot remove your password.

12.1.3 Changing Your LDAP Password

If your GroupWise administrator has turned on LDAP authentication and has disabled changing your LDAP password in GroupWise WebAccess, you might need to use a different application to change your password. Contact your GroupWise administrator for more information.

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click the Options icon Security Options dialog box with the Proxy Access tab open, then click Options.

  2. Click the Password tab.

  3. In the old password field, type the password you want to change.

  4. In the new password field, type the new password.

  5. In the Confirm field, type the new password again, then click Save.

When you change your password in GroupWise WebAccess, you change it for your GroupWise Mailbox. That means that you always use the same password to log in to your GroupWise Mailbox whether you are using GroupWise WebAccess or another GroupWise client.

12.1.4 Remembering Your GroupWise or LDAP Password

If you have a password but do not want to be prompted for it every time you start GroupWise WebAccess, you can rely on your Web browser to remember your password for you. However, for security reasons, we don’t recommend having your browser store both your GroupWise user name and password.

12.1.5 Using Mailbox Passwords with Proxies

Setting a password for your Mailbox does not affect a proxy’s ability to access your Mailbox. A proxy’s ability to access your Mailbox is determined by the rights you assign him or her in your Access List.