13.3 Working With Newsgroups

13.3.1 Collapsing or Expanding All Threads in a Newsgroup

  1. Right-click the newsgroup, then click Collapse all threads.


    Right-click the newsgroup, then click Expand all threads.

13.3.2 Performing a Search on a Newsgroup Server

  1. Right-click the newsgroup, then click Search on Server.

  2. In the first drop-down list, click the field you want to search, type the search words in the Contains field, then click OK.

  3. Double-click an item in the GroupWise Find Results dialog box to read the item.

13.3.3 Specifying Download Settings for Individual Newsgroups

The download settings for an NNTP account are specified in Accounts > Account Options > News > the account > Properties > Advanced. Use the following procedure to change the download settings for an individual newsgroup in the NNTP account.

  1. Right-click the newsgroup folder, then click Properties.

  2. Click the NNTP tab.

  3. Deselect Use download settings from account.

  4. Select options in the Override account group box.

  5. Click OK.

13.3.4 Updating the Local Newsgroup Folder

  1. Click Accounts > Account Options.

  2. Click the News tab, then click General Options.

  3. Click Send/Retrieve All Marked Accounts every x minute(s) check box, then specify how often you want to update the folders’ contents.

  4. Click the Send/Retrieve All Marked Accounts at startup check box to update the folders’ contents when you start GroupWise.

  5. Click OK.

13.3.5 Deleting a News Account

  1. Click Accounts > Account Options.

  2. Click the News tab, click the account you want to delete, then click Remove.

  3. Click Yes.