A.1 Appointment Enhancements

A.1.1 Recurrence Enhancements

When you schedule an appointment, task, or reminder note in GroupWise 2012, a Recurrence button now appears on the appointment panel. It allows you to specify a recurrence pattern for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly appointments. By default, recurrence is set to One Instance. You can also set a custom recurrence, which allows you to select the recurrence by Example, Formula, or Dates. See Section 4.4.4, Scheduling Recurring Items.

To see a video demonstration of this feature, see Recurring Appointments.

A.1.2 Delegation Enhancements

When an appointment is modified by the original sender, all delegated recipients, along with the original recipients, receive the modifications. There is no longer any need to re-delegate the appointment. Because of this change, delegated appointments always contain the date, time, place, and duration of the appointment.

For more information on delegating appointments, see Section 4.5.3, Delegating Calendar Items.

To see a video demonstration of this feature, see Delegated Appointment Change.

A.1.3 Place Resource Enhancements

In previous versions of GroupWise, if the Place field is empty in an appointment and the To field contains one or more resources, the Place field is populated with the name of the first resource in the To field. In GroupWise 2012, the empty Place field is populated with the names of all of the place-type resources in the To field.

A.1.4 Notification of Appointment Conflicts When Scheduling

When you send an appointment that conflicts with an appointment that is already on your calendar, GroupWise prompts you with a notification before the appointment is sent, telling you that there is a conflicting appointment. You are then given the option to continue scheduling the appointment or to change the appointment.

In previous versions of GroupWise, you can send an appointment and all occurrences of the appointment are automatically accepted for the sender, even if there are conflicts on the sender’s calendar.

For more information, see Scheduling an Appointment for Multiple People.

To see a video demonstration of this feature, see Auto Accept Conflict Resolution.