2.5 Preparing for Address Book Synchronization

  1. (Conditional) If you are already synchronizing data between your GroupWise and Exchange systems.

    See Section A.0, Preexisting GroupWise/Exchange Synchronization.

  2. Create an Active Directory user for the MTA to log in as so you can access your Exchange system.

    See Active Directory Credentials.

  3. (Conditional) If your Exchange system requires SSL, obtain the SSL certificate for the Active Directory server.

    See Active Directory Server Information.

  4. (Conditional) If you want to synchronize only a subset of GroupWise users, groups, and resources, create a group of the GroupWise objects that you want to synchronize to Exchange.

    Synchronization Scope for GroupWise Objects.

  5. (Conditional) If you want to synchronize only a subset of Exchange users, distribution groups, and resources in a context on an Active Directory server, create an Active Directory group of Active Directory objects that you want to synchronize to GroupWise.

    See Synchronization Scope for Exchange Objects.

  6. (Conditional) If you have Exchange distribution groups that are nested more than five levels deep, reorganize them so that they are no deeper than five levels.

  7. Ensure that GroupWise groups that you want to synchronize are configured with their Visibility option set to System.

    See Object Visibility in the GroupWise Address Book.

  8. Ensure that all objects that you want to synchronize have valid email addresses.

    See Object Naming Consideration.

  9. Ensure that the MTA that you want to configure for address book synchronization meets the requirements.

    See Section 2.3, Address Book Synchronization System Requirements.

  10. Continue with Configuring the MTA for Address Book Synchronization.