8.5 Being Notified of Someone Else’s Messages

Notify must be running for you to receive notification of alarms, incoming items, or a change in status of outgoing items.

You can receive notifications for another GroupWise user if he or she has given you appropriate Proxy rights in his or her Access List, if you have added that user’s name to your Proxy List in GroupWise, and if your are on the same post office as that user. See Section 10.0, Mailbox/Calendar Access for Proxy Users for more information.

You cannot receive notification for someone who is in a different post office than you.

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Security, then click the Notify tab.

  3. Type the name of a user for whom you are a proxy.

  4. Click Add User.

  5. Click the user’s name in the Notification List.

  6. Ensure that Subscribe to notification and Subscribe to alarms are selected.

    You are automatically subscribed to alarms and notification for yourself. If you deselect Subscribe to alarms and Subscribe to notification for yourself, you no longer receive alarms and notifications. To reactivate alarms and notifications, repeat Step 1 through Step 6 for your user name.

  7. Click OK.