2.4 Using Panels to Organize Your Home Folder

HINT: For a video demonstration of this feature, see Customizing The Home View.

Panels enable you to display multiple panels in a single, customized view. You can display any folder in a panel. You can also display an address book or a web page in a panel.

2.4.1 Understanding Panels

A panel is a customized view of information in GroupWise. For example, the default Home view has an Unread Messages panel that displays a list of items you have not read. The Tasklist panel is another default panel on the Home view. The Tasklist panel displays items that are in your Tasklist folder.

A panel can be created to display a variety of information, from unread items to a summary calendar. A predefined list of panels has been created, but you can also create your own custom panels.

2.4.2 Resizing a Panel

You might want to resize the height of a panel to display more or less information. To change the height of a panel, move your mouse cursor to the top of the line until the resize icon displays, then drag the mouse cursor up or down to resize the panel.

HINT:To have one panel ignore column boundaries and span across all columns, click the panel drop-down arrow, then click Span All Columns.

2.4.3 Moving a Panel

  1. Place your cursor in the title bar of a panel, then drag and drop the panel to its new location.

  2. Resize surrounding panels to accommodate the panel in its new location.

See also Customizing a Panel.

2.4.4 Customizing a Panel

  1. Right-click the folder that you want to modify the panels for, then click Properties.

  2. Click the Display tab.

  3. Select Panels from the View by drop-down list.

  4. Click Customize Panels.

  5. Select whether you want to view the panels in one, two, or three columns.

    If you select Three or more columns, select the number of columns in the columns field.

  6. Select from the list of available panels, or create your own panels by clicking New Panel.

  7. Click Add next to the column you want the column to display in.

  8. (Optional) Click Move Up or Move Down to position the column where you want it to display.

  9. Click OK.

2.4.5 Creating a New Panel

  1. Click the panel drop-down arrow, then click Add Panel.

  2. Click New Panel.

  3. Type the panel name in the Name the new panel field.

  4. Select whether you want the panel to display a folder or web page.

    If you select a folder, click Change Folder to select the folder to display the contents of.


    If you select a web page, type the URL of the web page in the Selected Web page field.

  5. Select a display setting from the Choose display settings drop-down list.

    Calendar: Displays the panel as a graphical calendar.

    Details: Displays the details for items in the panel.

    Discussion Thread: Groups the items in the panel according to threads.

    Tasklist: Displays the panel as a Tasklist.


    Click More Display Settings for additional display settings.

  6. (Optional) Click Filter to add a filter to the panel.

  7. Click OK, then click Add to display the panel.

2.4.6 Removing a Panel

  1. Click the panel drop-down arrow, then click Close.

2.4.7 Exporting and Importing Home View Settings

As with folder display settings, you can send your Home View display settings to other GroupWise users. Likewise, you can import Home View display settings that are emailed to you.

For information on how to export your Home View settings, see Sending a Display Setting.

For information on how to import Home View settings that are emailed to you, see Importing a Display Setting.