10.1 Creating and Sending Items

To create and send an item:

  1. Mouse-over the Compose button and select the type of item you would like to send: Mail, Task, Phone, Appointment, or Note.


    Click Compose to send an email.

  2. Use name completion to add recipients to the item, if applicable.

  3. Fill out the fields for the item type you have selected.

  4. If you want to send the item with a High or Low priority, click the Item Priority icon to open the menu and change the priority.

    For information, see About Item Priorities.

  5. When you are ready to send the item, click Send.

HINT:Clicking an email address while viewing an item in GroupWise Web opens the GroupWise Web email compose window rather than launching the default mail handler for the OS platform.

10.1.1 About Item Priorities

The default setting when composing and sending any of the item types in GroupWise Web is Standard. Items sent with the Standard priority have no graphical distinction from each other. However, when you change the priority to High or Low, the icon for email items change to indicate the applicable priority. Also, when viewing items with one of these priorities from an open item or in the Preview Pane, the applicable banner (see below) displays at the top of the message area.