10.4 Sending and Receiving Attachments

Both attaching files and viewing or downloading files in mail items are made simple in GroupWise Web.

10.4.1 Attaching Files to Mailbox Items

When sending an item, do one of the following to attach a file in the compose view:

  • Click the attachment icon in the bottom toolbar to select a file to attach.


  • Drag and drop a file directly above the bottom toolbar, where it reads in subdued text, Drop attachments here.

HINT:In both instances you can multi-select files to attach, either from the attach window or when dragging and dropping files.

10.4.2 Viewing or Downloading Attachments

When receiving an item, attachments appear at the bottom of the item with an icon representing what it is.

Viewing attachments. To view the attachment:

Click the attachment icon to see an HTML preview of the item.

NOTE:PowerPoint files will not render if the Document Viewer Agent (DVA) is on Linux. Contact your administrator if you have questions.

Downloading attachments. To download the attachment:

  • Click the download button .

  • If there are multiple attachments, you can view them individually, download them individually, or click Download all (x items), to download them collectively as a zipped file.

    NOTE:Files are downloaded according to the settings you have configured in your browser.

  • If you receive a message with Mime.822 formatting, you can download the Mime.822 message by doing the following:

    1. Select the item in with the Preview Pane in view or open it.

    2. Go to Properties > Advanced Properties.

    3. Click the Mime.822 link in the Files section of Advanced Properties.