17.0 Understanding Filr Integration

Filr is a secure file sharing platform that is commonly integrated with the GroupWise Client to provide an online or network storage solution for GroupWise user files. If you have a Filr account and Filr Integration is enabled by your administrator, you can easily attach files from your Filr folders, much the same as you attach files from your local drive directories.

Additionally, Filr Integration provides greater storage accountability for all file attachments in GroupWise. Filr controls can enforce using Filr as a repository to store all attached files or files exceeding a specified size. These controls can be explicitly enforced by the GroupWise or Filr Administrator depending on enabled settings and Filr licensing.

Options available to you when interacting with Filr are dependent on how they are controlled in your organization by both your GroupWise Administrator and your Filr Administrator, which may not be the same person.