13.4 Managing Item Lists in Folders

13.4.1 Enabling Group Labels for a Folder

Group Labels organize a list of items based on the type of items displayed. For example, in your Mailbox folder, Group Labels separate items based on the received date of the items. Group Labels are enabled by default.

To disable or re-enable Group Labels for a folder:

  1. Select a folder in the Nav pane.

  2. Navigate to View > Display Settings, and click Show Group Labels.

    A check mark indicates they are enabled.

To collapse or expand Group Labels, click the down arrow or horizontal arrow next to the label in the item list, respectively.

13.4.2 Enabling Message Previews for a Folder

A message preview shows two lines of the message. You cannot configure the number of lines displayed.

To disable or re-enable Message Preview for a folder:

  1. Select a folder in the Nav pane.

  2. Navigate to View > Display Settings, and click Message Preview.

13.4.3 Using Columns

The Item List in a folder is divided into columns. Each column displays information about the items in the list. For example, different columns display the subject of the items, the date they were sent, and so forth. You can customize the column display for each folder.

Moving a Column

Drag a column to a new position in the column header.

HINT:You can also right-click a column heading, click More columns, click a column name in the Selected columns box, and then click Down or Up.

Resizing a Column

To resize a column, drag the edge of the column heading to make the column wider or narrower.

Adding a Column

To add a column:

  1. Right-click the column header.

  2. Click a column you want to add.


    Click More Columns.

    1. In the Available columns list, select one or more columns, and then click Add.

    2. Use Up and Down to position the new columns relative to the existing columns.

    3. Click OK.

Sorting by a Column

To sort by a column:

  1. Click the folder containing the items you want to sort.

  2. Click View > Display Settings > Sort.

  3. Click the item property you want to sort by in the list box.

  4. Click Ascending to sort from A to Z.


    Click Descending to sort from Z to A.

  5. Click OK.

You can also sort the Item List by clicking a column heading. To reverse the sort order, click the column heading a second time.

Removing a Column

To remove a column, drag the column heading off the column header bar.

13.4.4 Moving or Linking an Item to Another Folder

When you move an item into a folder, it is taken from one location and placed in another. When you link an item to a folder, the item still exists in its original folder and it also appears in the new folder. When you change a linked item, it is also changed in the other folders.

IMPORTANT:GroupWise Mobility, GroupWise Web, and GroupWise WebAccess do not support linked items. They only show the original item in the folder where it is located. If you want multiple users to be able to view items and you are using these components of GroupWise, we recommend you create a shared folder, share the folder with all the users, and move the item to the folder.

Drag an item from the Item List to the folder you want.

Press Alt while you drag the item to remove it from all folders it was previously linked to and place it in only that folder.

Press Ctrl while you drag the item to link it to that folder.

HINT:You can also click an item, click Edit > Move/Link to Folders, select the folders you want to move or link the item to, and then click Move or Link. Select Delete old links to remove the item from all folders it was previously linked to and place it in the selected folder.

If the item you move is a folder, and a folder with the same name already exists in the new location, a dialog box opens so you can change the name of the folder you are moving.

If you delete the original item, the copies in your other folders remain.

13.4.5 Changing the Item Read Options

You can select to have the folder display either the first unread item or the last item read. However, if the folder contains a large number of items, it could take a while for the contents of the folder to display.

To select the default read option for the folder:

  1. Right-click the folder to modify.

  2. Click Properties.

  3. On the General tab, select Select first unread item when folder is opened.

    If you deselect Select first unread item when folder is opened, the folder displays the last item read.

  4. Click OK.