A.2 Mobility Service Troubleshooting

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You cannot access the Mobility Admin console after installation

Possible Cause: The date and time on your workstation does not match the date and time on the Mobility server.
Action: Reset the time as needed so that the workstation and the Mobility server match. This Mobility system requirement is listed in Mobility Server Requirements in the GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

The Mobility Admin Console cannot communicate with the LDAP server

Explanation: When you use LDAP as your user source, the Mobility Admin console must be able to communicate with your LDAP server in order to list users to add to your Mobility system. If the Admin console cannot list users, it cannot communicate with your LDAP server.
Possible Cause: A firewall is blocking communication between the Mobility Service and the LDAP server.
Action: Ensure that communication through the firewall is allowed on port 636 for a secure LDAP connection or port 389 for a non-secure LDAP connection.
Possible Cause: The LDAP server is not functioning correctly.
Action: Reboot the LDAP server.

The process of adding users does not proceed as expected

Explanation: When you add a large number of users to the Mobility Service in a group, the Admin console might not display progress as expected. Refreshing the page might give an invalid server error.
Possible Cause: A timing issue between the Add User process and the display of the Admin console page occasionally causes this problem.
Action: Wait for a while, and then refresh your browser.