Environment Switches

The following switches configure Internet Agent environment settings such as working directories, NetWare clustering support, and NetWare symmetric multi-processing (SMP).



Specifies the IP address (or hostname) of a GroupWise POA that the Internet Agent can use to resolve IP addresses of other post offices in the system. This replaces the need to configure post office links for the Internet Agent in ConsoleOne (Internet Agent object > Post Office Links > Settings).

If you have established a GroupWise name server (ngwnameserver), you can use it. See Simplifying Client/Server Access with a GroupWise Name Server.

Syntax: /ipa-address

Example: /ipa-ngwnameserver

/cluster (NetWare Only)

Informs the Internet Agent that it is running in a Novell Cluster Services environment. For detailed information about running the Internet Agent in a clustering environment, see "Implementing the Internet Agent in a Novell Cluster" in "Novell Cluster Services" in the GroupWise 6.5 Interoperability Guide.

Syntax: /cluster


Specifies the process ID for this instance of the Internet Agent. You can use the /pid switch to have multiple instances of the Internet Agent running on the same server. The first process is 001. You can use any numbers between 002 and 999 for additional processes.

Syntax: /pid-number

Example: /pid-002

/smp (NetWare Only)

Enables the NetWare Internet Agent to use the symmetric multi-processing capability.

Syntax: /smp

/nosmp (NetWare Only)

Disables the NetWare Internet Agent's symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capability.

Syntax: /nosmp


Specifies a secondary SMTP queues directory for outbound messages. This secondary directory can be helpful for troubleshooting by providing a way to trap messages before they are routed to the Internet. You can also use the secondary directory to run third-party utilities such as a virus scanner on Internet-bound messages. See Relocating the Internet Agent's Processing Directories.

The Internet Agent places all outbound messages in this secondary directory. The messages must then be moved manually (or by another application) to the primary SMTP queue's send directory (/dhome switch) before the Internet Agent will route them to the Internet.

Syntax: /smtphome


Sets the directory where the Internet Agent stores its temporary files. On NetWare and Linux, the default work directory is located in the domain, in wpgate\gwia\000.prc\gwwork directory. On Windows, the default work directory c:\grpwise\gwia directory, which is not in the domain directory.

Syntax: /work-pathname

Short Syntax: /gw-pathname

NetWare Example: /work-sys:\tmp\work

Linux Example: -work /opt/novell/groupwise/tmp

Windows Example: /work-j:\tmp\work


By default, the Internet Agent sends the accounting file (acct) to users specified as accountants in ConsoleOne (Internet Agent object > GroupWise > Gateway Administrators). The file is sent daily at midnight and any time the Internet Agent shuts down.

This switch instructs the Internet Agent to send the acct file once daily at midnight, not each time the Internet Agent quits or is shut down.

Syntax: /nasoq