GroupWise Mobile Server DST Readme

March 7, 2007

Table of Contents

1.0 Daylight Saving Time Changes

Under the new Energy Act of 2005, daylight saving time (DST), begins three weeks earlier in 2007. The change takes place on the second Sunday in March (March 11). DST is also extended by one week to the first Sunday in November (November 4). The change in DST will be observed in most of the US, Canada, and parts of Mexico.

The following events might occur if GroupWise Mobile Server DST Support Pack 1 is not applied or OS updates or other software patches are not applied for the DST changes.

  • Calendar appointments, single and recurring, that were created using the old DST rules (not upgraded) might appear an hour late on software updates using the new DST rules (upgraded).
  • Calendar appointments, single and recurring, that were created using the new DST rules (upgraded) might appear an hour early on software using the old DST rules (not upgraded).

1.1 Prerequisites for Server Install or Upgrade

To prepare for the Groupwise Mobile Server Support Pack 1, you must patch the server operating system on GroupWise Mobile Server machines, external database servers, and GroupWise.

1.1.1 Patching the Windows Operating System for DST

The Windows* operating system must be patched before you update other parts of GroupWise Mobile Server. For information on patching the Windows operating system, see the Microsoft* Support Web site.

1.1.2 Patching Novell GroupWise for DST

Before patching GroupWise Mobile server, you must patch GroupWise. Before patching GroupWise, the operating system hosting GroupWise must also be patched. For information on patching GroupWise, see the GroupWise Product Web site.

1.2 Installing the GroupWise Mobile Server DST Support Pack 1

  1. Download the GroupWise Mobile Server Support Pack 1 file (GroupWiseMobileServerDST.exe) from the Web site.

  2. Save the GroupWise Mobile Server Support Pack file to a temporary directory on your Windows server.

  3. Extract the .exe file into a directory at the root of your local drive or to a network server drive that can handle long pathnames.

    The compressed file contains directory paths that could exceed DOS limits.

  4. In Windows, click Start > Run > Browse, then locate the directory where you extracted the GroupWise Mobile Server beta files.

  5. Select the setup.exe file, then click OK to run the GroupWise Mobile Server Support Pack 1 program.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the GroupWise Mobile Server Support Pack 1.

1.3 Post-Support Pack Requirements

After you have installed the patch for GroupWise, the support pack for GroupWise Mobile Server, and updated all client devices, you must reset all user accounts in GroupWise Mobile Server to force the synchronization of data.

  1. Open a Web browser and go to http://GMSserverIP/admin/diag/.

  2. Click Email Accelerator.

  3. Click Reset All Acocunts, then click Reset All.

  4. Click Yes - Reset All to reset all accounts.

For additional information on requirements after you have installed the Support Pack, see TID number 3802376.

1.4 Installing Support Pack 1 Clients

After you have finished installing Support Pack 1, the clients must also be updated.

1.4.1 Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile (including Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003, and Smartphones) requires a patch released by Microsoft to patch the Windows Mobile registry. Novell is also releasing a patch for the Wireless Email client to accommodate the new daylight saving time rules. Users can apply the Windows Mobile update manually, but the Novell patch also distributes and applies the Microsoft patch for Windows Mobile devices. For more information on the Windows Mobile patch, see the Microsoft Web site.

1.4.2 Palm OS

No upgrade of the GroupWise Mobile Server client is required, but users need to download and apply the daylight saving time update from Palm. For additional information, see the Palm Web site.

1.4.3 Symbian S60 Third Edition and UIQ 3.0

No operating system or client patches are necessary, because support for this change was built into this version of the operating system.

1.4.4 Symbian S60 Second Edition, Series 80, and UIQ 2.1

No operating system updates will be available and the device's calendar will be incorrect between Mach 11 and April 1; and between October 7 and November 4. No Nokia client upgrade is planned.

2.0 Documentation Conventions

In this documentation, a greater-than symbol (>) is used to separate actions within a step and items in a cross-reference path.

A trademark symbol (®, ™, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark; an asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark