46.4 Configuring Paging Services

The GroupWise Internet Agent includes the ability to send a GroupWise message to a pager through an Internet paging service provider. The Internet Agent’s paging service includes the following features:

To set up and use paging services, complete the tasks in the following sections:

46.4.1 Setting Up Paging

To set up the Internet Agent’s paging service, you need to create a non-GroupWise domain to represent the paging service and then use your Internet Agent to link your system to the non-GroupWise domain. The non-GroupWise domain enables GroupWise to correctly identify pager messages and route messages to the Internet Agent, which can then send the messages to the Internet.

Creating a Non-GroupWise Domain

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the GroupWise System object, click New, then click Non-GroupWise Domain to display the Create Non-GroupWise Domain dialog box.

    Create Non-GroupWise Domain dialog box
  2. Fill in the following information:

    Domain Name: Provide the domain with a name such as Page. Users need to know the name when addressing pager messages.

    Time Zone: Select the time zone in which the Internet Agent is located.

    Link to Domain: Select the domain in which the Internet Agent is located.

  3. Click OK to create the domain.

Linking the Internet Agent to the Non-GroupWise Domain

  1. In ConsoleOne, click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Link Configuration to display the GroupWise Link Configuration tool.

  2. In the drop-down list, select the domain that owns the Internet Agent that you are using for this paging service.

  3. In the Outbound Links box, right-click the non-GroupWise domain, then click Edit.

  4. Click Yes to accept the domain path as the mapped path and display the Edit Domain Link dialog box.

  5. In the Link Type field, select Gateway.

  6. In the Gateway Link field, select the Internet Agent.

  7. In the Gateway Access String field, type -page.

  8. Click OK to save the information.

  9. Click File > Exit > Yes to save your changes and exit the Link Configuration tool.

  10. Restart the Internet Agent.

46.4.2 Using Paging

To use paging, GroupWise users must address messages to the non-GroupWise domain, specifying the PIN number of the pager and the hostname of the paging service in the following format:


For example,


By using the /l=length and /b=number switches on the message’s To line, the sender can control the block length and number of blocks to send to the pager. For example,


By default, the Internet Agent sends 255 bytes per block (/l=255 /b=1).