B.0 April 16, 2007 (GroupWise 7 SP 2)




Section 7.0, Multilingual GroupWise Systems

Added that the GroupWise clients now use UTF-8 for MIME encoding to accommodate characters in all supported languages.

Post Office

Section 12.3.2, Setting Mailbox Size Limits

Explained that the maximum mailbox size limit that you can set in ConsoleOne is 4 GB, but that GroupWise databases have no inherent size limits.

Section 12.3.4, Restricting the Size of Messages That Users Can Send

Clarified that the MIME portion of an HTML-formatted message counts in the message size.


Section 14.7.4, Creating a Nickname for a User

Clarified the use of the Expiration Date field.

Distribution Lists

Section 19.1, Setting Up an eDirectory Group for Use in GroupWise

Added a link to a TID about using dynamic groups with GroupWise.


Section 31.0, Backing Up GroupWise Databases

Added a link to the Novell Open Enterprise Server Partner Support site, where you can find supported backup compatible backup solutions on Linux.

Section 34.4, GroupWise Database Copy Utility

Indicated that DBCopy is now a multi-threaded application; identified specifically what files and directories DBCopy does and does not copy for a post office and a domain.

Section 34.4.4, DBCopy Startup Switches

Added a list of startup switches.

Post Office Agent

Section 36.4.3, Performing Nightly User Upkeep

Clarified that addresses in personal groups are updated by Nightly User Upkeep.

Section 38.4.2, Configuring a Dedicated Database Maintenance POA

Removed the step for turning off message file handling. Message file handling is required for database maintenance tasks.


Added a switch to control the versions of Evolution that the POA allows to connect to the post office.

Internet Agent

Defining a Blacklist Address

Removed references to Open Relay DataBase (ORDB) because it is no longer in service.

Monitor Agent


Clarified how to interpret actual results when setting the High Availability server poll interval.


Section 66.2.1, Creating a GroupWise Client Application Object

Updated the client installation instructions when using ZENworks.

Security Administration

Section 71.2.5, Installing the Certificate on the Server

Improved the description of the files that need to be installed.