C.1 March 14, 2008 (GroupWise 7 SP3)




Section 1.1.3, Accessible Anywhere

Added GroupWise Mobile Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Section 3.2, Planning Your Basic GroupWise System

Included a link to the GroupWise Wiki where best practices information is available.

Enabling the High Availability Service for the Linux GroupWise Agents

Clarified that a single Monitor Agent can service multiple instances of the GroupWise High Availability service (gwha).

Configuring the High Availability Service

Clarified that the SSL connection referred to in this section is between the High Availability service and the Monitor Agent.


Section 12.4.13, Backup and Restore (v7.0)

Added the Support Pack enhancement of having the POA access your mailbox for you if you do not have Read and Write rights to the restore area location.


Section 20.2, Performing the Post Office Migration

Added the -m switch to the dbcopy command for migrating libraries to Linux and provided a link to a helpful TID if problems with documents are encountered after the migration.

Section 21.2, Performing the Domain Migration

Removed the --noconfig switch from the gwmta command. It was an accidental carryover from the gwpoa command.