2.0 Planning GroupWise in a NetWare Cluster

The majority of this part of the GroupWise 7 Interoperability Guide (Section 2.0, Planning GroupWise in a NetWare Cluster through Section 8.0, Backing Up a GroupWise System in a NetWare Cluster) is designed for those who are creating a new GroupWise® system, or at least new domains and post offices, in the context of Novell® Cluster Services™. If you already have an existing GroupWise 7 system and need to configure it to work in a newly installed cluster, see Section 10.0, Moving an Existing GroupWise 7 System into a NetWare Cluster.

When you implement a new GroupWise system or a new domain or post office in a clustering environment, overall GroupWise system design does not need to change substantially. For a review, see Installing a Basic GroupWise System in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide. However, the configuration of individual components of your GroupWise system will be significantly different. This section helps you plan the following GroupWise components in a cluster:

During the planning process, component configuration alternatives are explained. For example, you might want the domain and post office together on the same shared volume or on different shared volumes. You might want to install the agents to standard sys:\system directories or to manually created vol:\system directories on shared volumes where domains and post offices reside. You might or might not need to run the agents in protected memory.

The System Clustering Worksheet lists all the information you need as you set up GroupWise in a clustering environment. You should print the worksheet and fill it out as you complete the tasks listed below:

After you have completed the tasks and filled out System Clustering Worksheet, you are ready to continue with Section 3.0, Setting Up a Domain and Post Office in a NetWare Cluster.