30.4 Planning a New Clustered Post Office

The considerations involved in planning a new post office in a clustering environment are essentially the same as for any other environment. The initial post office in a new GroupWise system is planned on the Basic GroupWise System Worksheet in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide. To plan additional new post offices, review Planning a New Post Office , then print and fill out the Post Office Worksheet in Post Offices in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide. When you specify the location for the post office directory, remember that it will be on shared storage, not on the node where you will be running the GroupWise Installation program. Therefore, each node will mount the post office directory when its resource group is active on that node.

When you have completed the worksheet, transfer key information from the Basic GroupWise System Worksheet or the Post Office Worksheet to the GroupWise Clustering Worksheet.


Under Item 4: Post Office Name, transfer the post office name and database location to the GroupWise Clustering Worksheet. Specify the mount point where the post office directory will be mounted to each node when it becomes active.


Under Item 8: Cluster Resource for Post Office, specify the name of the cluster resource group that will represent the post office (for example, group_po2), the name of the resource for the POA (for example, resource_poa2), and the name of the post office, including its domain (for example, Waltham1.Sales).

IMPORTANT:Do not create the new post office until you are instructed to do so in Section 32.0, Setting Up a Domain and a Post Office in a Heartbeat Cluster.