49.9 Stopping the Internet Agent

The following sections describe the various methods you can use to shut down the Internet Agent:

49.9.1 Using the Internet Agent Console

To stop the Internet Agent while at the server console:


Press F7-Exit, then select Yes.

Linux and Windows:

Click File > Exit.

49.9.2 Using a Command at the Command Line

To stop the Internet Agent at the command line:


unload gwia


/etc/init.d/grpwise stop



49.9.3 Using a Mail Message

The Internet Agent can be stopped by sending a shutdown message to the Internet Agent. In order to shut down the program with a message, the user sending the message must be defined as an operator for the Internet Agent. This prevents unauthorized users from shutting down the Internet Agent. For information about defining a user as an operator, see Section 49.5, Assigning Operators to Receive Warning and Error Messages.

The message to shut down the Internet Agent must be addressed to the Internet Agent, not a non-GroupWise domain. The syntax for the To line is:


where gwia is the name of the Internet Agent object.

49.9.4 Using a Shutdown File

The Internet Agent can also be stopped by placing a file named shutdown in the domain\wpgate\gwia\000.prc directory. When the Internet Agent sees this file, it deletes the file and shuts down.