6.3 Updating Address Book Information

Each post office database includes all the information displayed in the GroupWise Address Book that is stored in the domain. By keeping the information in the post office, the post office’s users have quick access to it. Whenever changes are made in eDirectory that affect Address Book information, the information is replicated to each domain database and each post office database.

If information in a post office’s Address Book is out-of-date or missing, you can synchronize the missing information with eDirectory or rebuild the post office database to obtain updated information from the domain.

6.3.1 Synchronizing Information

The information for each object (user, resource, distribution list, and so forth) in the GroupWise Address Book is contained in eDirectory. When an object’s information is incorrect in a post office’s Address Book, you can synchronize the object’s information in the Address Book with the information stored in eDirectory. This causes the correct information to be replicated to each domain and post office database in the GroupWise system. For instructions, see Section 29.0, Synchronizing Database Information.

6.3.2 Rebuilding the Post Office Database

If the post office Address Book is missing a lot of information, or if you are having other difficulties with information in the Address Book, you might want to rebuild the post office database. This causes all information to be replicated to the post office database from the domain database. For instructions, see Section 26.3, Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases.