9.2 Editing Domain Properties

After creating a domain, you can change some domain properties. Other domain properties cannot be changed.

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click a Domain object, then click Properties to display the domain Identification page.

    Domain Identification property page
  2. Change editable fields as needed. For information about individual fields, see Section 8.2, Planning a New Domain or use online help when editing the domain information.

  3. Click GroupWise > Post Offices to display the Post Offices page.

    Post Offices property page

    All post offices in the domain are listed, no matter where their Novell eDirectory objects are placed in the tree. This is a convenient place to delete post offices from the domain.

  4. Click GroupWise > Address Book to display the Address Book page.

    Address Book property page
  5. Use this page to configure the Address Book to control how it appears to GroupWise client users in all post offices in the domain. See Section 6.1, Customizing Address Book Fields for more information.

  6. Click GroupWise > Addressing Rules to display the Addressing Rules page.

    Addressing Rules property page

    This page lists all addressing rules that have been set up for the domain. See Section 6.9, Facilitating Addressing through GroupWise Gateways for more information.

  7. Click GroupWise > Internet Addressing to display the Internet Addressing page.

    Internet Addressing property page

    Use this page to override any Internet addressing settings established at the system level. See Section 45.0, Configuring Internet Addressing for more information.

  8. Click GroupWise > Default WebAccess to display the Default WebAccess page.

    Default WebAccess property page

    Use this page to designate the default WebAccess Agent (gateway) for the domain. See Section XII, WebAccess for more information.

  9. Click GroupWise > Admin Lockout Settings.

    Admin Lockout Settings property page

    Use this page to control the version of the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins to ConsoleOne that is allowed to access GroupWise databases. See Section 4.2.6, Admin Lockout Settings for more information.

  10. Click OK to save the new domain settings.