27.0 Maintaining User/Resource and Message Databases

It is sometimes necessary to perform maintenance tasks on user and resource databases (userxxx.db) and message databases (msgnnn.db). The frequency depends on the reliability of your network and your own experience of how often problems are likely to occur. The following tasks help you maintain the integrity of your user and message databases.

NOTE:Unfortunately, damage to databases cannot be prevented. A power outage can occur in the middle of a write to a database. A hard drive can fail. However, the GroupWise tools for repairing damaged databases are very effective and should be able to resolve most damage to GroupWise databases.

To further protect your GroupWise users against loss of mailbox contents, see Section 31.0, Backing Up GroupWise Databases and Section 32.0, Restoring GroupWise Databases from Backup.

To ensure that the same information exists for users and messages throughout your GroupWise system, see Section 29.1, Synchronizing Individual Users or Resources.