72.2 GroupWise Check

GroupWise Check (GWCheck) is a tool that performs maintenance and repair tasks to keep GroupWise operating efficiently. It is essentially a standalone version of the Mailbox/Library Maintenance feature available in ConsoleOne. GroupWise Check checks and repairs GroupWise user, message, library, and resource databases without having ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snap-in loaded. In addition to checking post office, user, and library databases, it also checks remote and archive databases.

72.2.1 Enabling GroupWise Check in the Windows Client

GroupWise Check can be installed with the GroupWise Windows client (unless you have specified in setup.cfg that it not be installed), and is available by clicking Tools > Repair Mailbox in the client in Caching and Remote modes after you complete the following:

  1. Locate the directory named gwcheck. This is a subdirectory of the directory where the client is installed (usually c:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise).

  2. Locate grpwise.exe. It is usually in c:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise.

  3. Copy all the files in gwcheck to the directory where grpwise.exe is located.

You can now run GroupWise Check in Caching and Remote mode. The GroupWise Check dialog box is titled GroupWise Mailbox Maintenance. You can also use Ctrl+Shift when accessing a Caching or Remote mailbox to run GroupWise Check before opening the mailbox.

For detailed information about GroupWise Check, click Help or see Section 34.1, GroupWise Check.

72.2.2 Using GroupWise Check with the Linux/Mac Client

GroupWise Check is not accessible from the Linux/Mac client but can be installed on a Linux workstation if you need to repair local databases. For installation instructions, see Section 34.1.3, Using GWCheck on Linux.

GWCheck is installed by default on the Linux/Mac client for Macintosh. You must start GWCheck from a terminal window on a Macintosh. For further instructions, see Section 34.1.4, Using GWCheck on Macintosh.