52.9 HTTP (Web Console) Switches

The following switches enable the HTTP Web console and control its configuration settings. The Web console enables you to monitor the Internet Agent through a Web browser. For more information, see Section 49.2, Using the Internet Agent Web Console.

52.9.1 /httpport

Specifies the port where the Internet Agent listens for the Web console. The default port established during installation is 9850.

Syntax: /httpport-port_number

Example: /httpport-9851

52.9.2 /httpuser

By default, any user who knows the Internet Agent’s address and port (/httpport) can use the Web console. This switch adds security to the Web console by forcing users to log into the Web console using the specified username. The /httppassword switch must also be used to establish the user password.

Syntax: /httpuser-username

Example: /httpuser-gwia

The username can be any arbitrary name.

52.9.3 /httppassword

Specifies the password that must be supplied along with the username provided by /httpuser.

Syntax: /httppassword-password

Example: /httppassword-monitor

52.9.4 /httprefresh

By default, the Internet Agent refreshes the Web console information every 60 seconds. You can use this switch to override the default refresh interval.

Syntax: /httprefresh-seconds

Example: /httprefresh-120

52.9.5 /httpssl

Enables the Internet Agent to use a secure connection to a Web browser being used to display the Internet Agent Web console. The Web browser must also be enabled to use SSL; if it is not, a non-secure connection is used. See Section 48.4, Securing Internet Agent Connections with SSL.

Syntax: /httpssl