63.6 Configuring Audible Notification for Agent Problems

If the server where the Monitor Agent runs is located where someone can respond immediately to a GroupWise agent problem, you can configure the Monitor Agent to produce a different sound according to the nature of the problem.

NOTE:Audible notification is not available on Linux.

At the Windows Monitor Agent server console:

  1. Select the root agent group to set up audible notification defaults for all monitored agents.


    Select any agent group to set up audible notification for the agents in the selected group.


    Select any agent to set up audible notification for that individual agent.

  2. Click Configuration > Notification.

    Notification dialog box

    Unless you selected the root agent group, Use Parent Notification Options is selected and all options are dimmed. Deselect Use Parent Notification Options to set up notification for an agent group or individual agent.

  3. Select Play Sound, then click Sounds.

    Sounds dialog box
  4. For each event, browse to and select a sound file to provide audible notification for each type of event for the selected agent group.

    The Monitor Agent launches the default media player for whatever type of sound file you select. Basic sound files are available in the c:\windows\media directory.

  5. Click OK to return to the Notification dialog box.

  6. Select notification events and other notification settings as described in Section 63.5, Configuring E-Mail Notification for Agent Problems.

  7. Click OK to save the audible notification settings.