18.10 Adding External Users to a Distribution List

Members of distribution lists must have corresponding eDirectory objects. If you want to add users to a distribution list, and the users do not belong to your GroupWise system, you must create objects to represent these external users within your GroupWise system.

For more information, see Section 6.8, Adding External Users to the GroupWise Address Book.

18.10.1 Creating an External Domain

You create an external domain to represent the world outside your GroupWise system.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click GroupWise System, then click New > External Domain.

  2. Provide a unique name for the domain, then click OK.

18.10.2 Creating an External Post Office

You create an external post office in the external domain to hold External User objects.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the External Domain object, then click New > External Post Office.

  2. Provide a unique name for the post office, then click OK.

18.10.3 Creating an External User

You create an external user so that it can be selected when adding members to a distribution list.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the External Post Office object, then click New > External User.

  2. Provide a unique name for the user, then click OK.

  3. Right-click the new External User object, then click Properties.

  4. On the Identification page, fill in at least the first and last names.

  5. Click GroupWise > Internet Addressing.

  6. Select Override.

  7. Select the preferred addressing format depending on how you want e-mail to this user to be addressed.


    Provide a preferred e-mail ID.

  8. Click OK to save the user information.

  9. Follow the instructions in Section 18.2, Adding Members to a Distribution List to add the external user to a distribution list.