2.1 ConsoleOne on Windows

You can run ConsoleOne on Windows on any Windows machine that meets the requirements listed in GroupWise Administration Requirements in the GroupWise 8 Installation Guide.

2.1.1 Installing ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Snap-Ins on Windows

When you create your initial GroupWise system using the GroupWise Installation program (install.exe) on Windows, the GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne are installed to the ConsoleOne installation on that machine. If necessary, you can install ConsoleOne itself to the machine where you are running the GroupWise Installation program. You are also given the opportunity to copy the GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne into a GroupWise software distribution directory for later use.

After you have set up your GroupWise system, you can use the GroupWise Installation program to install ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snap-ins from the GroupWise 8 DVD or downloaded GroupWise 8 software image, or you can run admin\install.exe to install the snap-ins from the software distribution directory to additional locations as needed.

2.1.2 Configuring Your Windows Machine for ConsoleOne

To ensure GroupWise database integrity across the network:

  1. Right-click the Novell Client icon on the tool bar at the bottom of your screen, then click Novell Client Properties.

  2. Click Advanced Settings.

  3. Set File Caching to Off.

  4. Set File Commit to On.

  5. Click OK to save the new Novell Client settings, then reboot the Windows machine to put the new settings into effect.

2.1.3 Starting ConsoleOne on Windows

When you install ConsoleOne, a ConsoleOne icon is automatically created on your Windows desktop for starting ConsoleOne.