2.2 ConsoleOne on Linux

You can run ConsoleOne on Linux on any Linux machine that meets the requirements listed in GroupWise Administration Requirements in the GroupWise 8 Installation Guide.

2.2.1 Installing ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Snap-Ins on Linux

When you create your initial GroupWise system using the GroupWise Installation program (install) on Linux, ConsoleOne should already be installed before you begin. If you are running Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux, you can install ConsoleOne from YaST using Software > Install and Remove Software. Linux ConsoleOne is also available on the Novell Downloads page.

After ConsoleOne is installed, the GroupWise Installation program on Linux installs the GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne to the ConsoleOne installation on that machine. You are also given the opportunity to copy the GroupWise Administration RPM into a GroupWise software distribution directory for later use.

After you have set up your GroupWise system, you can use the GroupWise Installation program to install the GroupWise snap-ins from the GroupWise 8 DVD or downloaded GroupWise 8 software image, or you can install the GroupWise Administration RPM from the admin subdirectory of the software distribution directory to install the snap-ins to additional locations as needed.

ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins should be installed on each Linux server where a domain is located. For some administration tasks, ConsoleOne on the primary domain server needs to have secondary domain servers mounted. Depending on how you organize your GroupWise administration, you might also want to mount the primary domain server to each secondary domain server. Administrative messages can flow from one secondary domain to another through the primary domain.

2.2.2 Starting ConsoleOne on Linux

  1. In a terminal window, become root by entering su - and the root password.

  2. Enter the following command: