15.2 Understanding GroupWise Software Updates

The GroupWise 8 software requirements are different than previous GroupWise software requirements. To review the requirements, see Section 2.0, GroupWise System Requirements.

15.2.1 Software Distribution Directory

The GroupWise Installation program helps you copy the GroupWise 8 software (administration, agents, client, and so forth) to a GroupWise software distribution directory. This can be an existing software distribution directory or a new software distribution directory.

NOTE:Starting with GroupWise 7, GroupWise Windows client users cannot run the client software from the software distribution directory. They must install the GroupWise Windows client locally on their workstations. Users running the GroupWise client from their local drives can continue to run the local GroupWise client until you prompt them to update to GroupWise 8.

15.2.2 ConsoleOne

GroupWise 8 is administered through ConsoleOne, using the version listed in Section 2.1, GroupWise Administration Requirements. You can use the same version of ConsoleOne to administer earlier GroupWise components in your GroupWise system.

IMPORTANT:Earlier versions of ConsoleOne should not be used to administer GroupWise 8 domains, post offices, users, or other GroupWise 8 objects.

The Windows and Linux versions of ConsoleOne are included on the GroupWise 8 DVD and downloaded GroupWise 8 software image. If necessary, you can install ConsoleOne at the same time as the other GroupWise software. For instructions, see ConsoleOne.

NOTE:Earlier versions of GroupWise required or allowed the use of NetWare Administrator to administer your GroupWise system. Currently, NetWare Administrator should only be used if you still run very early gateways that require it. Otherwise, do not use NetWare Administrator.