15.6 Understanding WebAccess Updates

As you plan how to update GroupWise WebAccess, you need to consider both the WebAccess Agent and the WebAccess Application on the Web server.

For a list of new features in GroupWise 8 WebAccess, see Section 14.0, What’s New in GroupWise 8.

For WebAccess update instructions, see Section 16.0, Preparing Your GroupWise System for Update.

15.6.1 WebAccess Agent

The GroupWise 8 WebAccess Agent cannot access earlier (pre-GroupWise 8) domains and post offices. In addition, WebAccess Agents older than version GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack SP3 cannot access GroupWise 8 domains and post offices.

Therefore, to continue to provide WebAccess service to users while you are updating your system, you need to:

  • Update the WebAccess Agent at the same time you update its domain and post offices. This keeps the WebAccess Agent version synchronized with the domain and post office version.

  • If you have multiple domains or post offices that will be updated over a long period of time, install the GroupWise 8 WebAccess Agent in a GroupWise 8 domain to service users on GroupWise 8 post offices. Keep your current WebAccess Agent, installed in a GroupWise domain that supports it, to service users on post offices where earlier GroupWise versions are still running.

15.6.2 WebAccess Application on the Web Server

Before GroupWise 8, you could successfully run different versions of the WebAccess Agent and the WebAccess Application together. For example, you could install a new version of the WebAccess Application on your Web server while still running the previous version of the WebAccess Agent for the domain.

Starting in GroupWise 8, the recommended update procedure is to update all the WebAccess Agents in your GroupWise system first, then update all the WebAccess Applications. Long-term use of the mixed-version configuration is not supported and can result in time zone problems. You must update both the WebAccess Agent and the WebAccess Application to the same version in order to ensure proper functioning of the GroupWise 8 WebAccess client.

IMPORTANT:Running a new WebAccess Application with an older WebAccess Agent is no longer supported.