2.3 Supported Environments

2.3.1 IPV6 Support

The POA, the MTA, the Internet Agent, and the Monitor Agent support the IPV6 protocol when it is available on the server. If it is available, the agent detects it and supports IPV6 by default, along with IPV4. The WebAccess Agent and its accompanying Viewer Agent do not support IPV6.

As you configure your GroupWise system and specify the network address of an IPV6 server in ConsoleOne, you must specify its DNS hostname. IP Address fields in ConsoleOne do not accommodate IPV6 address format.

IPV6 support is available on Linux and Windows. IPV6 support is not currently available on NetWare.

2.3.2 Clustering Support

You can set up your GroupWise system in any of the following clustering environments, as described in the GroupWise 8 Interoperability Guide:

If you are using one of these clustering environments, follow the installation instructions in the GroupWise 8 Interoperability Guide, rather than the installation instructions in this guide.

2.3.3 Xen Virtualization Support

You can install components of your GroupWise system in virtual environments where a software program enables one physical server to function as if it were two or more physical servers. Xen virtualization technology in Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux version) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is supported. For more information, see:

Large post offices with busy POAs are not good candidates for virtualization. Specialized POAs, such as an indexing POA with no mailboxes and users, could be virtualized. Other GroupWise components such as the MTA, Internet Agent, and WebAccess Agent do well when virtualized.

2.3.4 VMware Support

GroupWise is supported on the following versions of VMware:

  • VMware Server (formally GSX Server), an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure for x86-based servers

  • VMware ESX Server, a data center-class virtual infrastructure for mission-critical environments

    For more information, see the VMware Web site.

2.3.5 Citrix Support

Any version of the GroupWise client runs successfully on any 32-bit version of Citrix terminal services.

The GroupWise agents run successfully on Citrix XenServer.

For more information, see the Citrix Web site.

2.3.6 Domain Services for Windows Support

Starting in GroupWise 8 SP1, GroupWise can be installed on the same server with Novell Domain Services for Windows (DSfW), and GroupWise objects can be created in a DSfW partition. DSfW uses ports 1389 and 1636 instead of the typical default ports of 389 and 636 for LDAP. The GroupWise 8 SP1 Installation program detects the presence of DSfW and automatically adjusts the LDAP port numbers that are used when installing the Internet Agent, WebAccess, and Monitor.

NOTE:Earlier versions of GroupWise cannot be installed on a DSfW server, nor can earlier versions of GroupWise eDirectory objects be created in a DSfW partition. However, GroupWise objects can still be created in an eDirectory tree that has a DSfW partition, as long as you do not try to create the GroupWise objects in the DSfW partition.

2.3.7 Linux File System Support

For best GroupWise performance on Linux, the ext3 file system is recommended. If you are running OES Linux and need the feature-rich environment of the NSS file system, GroupWise is also supported there. The reiser3 file system is also supported.

NOTE:If you choose to use the NSS file system, turn Salvage off for best performance. For more information, see the Novell Open Enterprise Server Documentation Web site.