37.3 Creating a New Secondary Domain in a Cluster

After you have set up the primary domain and initial post office, as described in Section 37.2, Setting Up a New GroupWise System in a Cluster, you can create additional secondary domains as needed.

To create a new secondary domain in a Microsoft cluster:

  1. Create a domain resource group for the new domain, as described in Creating GroupWise Resource Groups.

  2. Create an MTA service resource for the domain’s MTA, as described in Creating Agent Service Resources.

  3. Map a drive to the shared disk of the domain resource group (System Clustering Worksheet item 7) where the new secondary domain will be created.

  4. Manually create the domain directory (System Clustering Worksheet item 7).

    This step is not required, but in a clustered environment, Step 7 is easier if the domain directory already exists.

  5. If you selected the same shared disk with the domain as the agent installation location (Agent Clustering Worksheet item 1), create the drive:\grpwise directory on the drive accessed in Step 3.


    If you selected c:\grpwise on each node in the cluster, decide which node to install the agents to first.

  6. In ConsoleOne, connect to the primary domain in your GroupWise system, as described in Connecting to a Domain in Domains in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

  7. Create the new domain, following the steps provided in Creating the New Domain in Domains in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide. Keep in mind the following cluster-specific details:

    • Use the Domain Worksheet you filled out in Section 36.2, Planning a New Clustered Domain to fill in the fields on the Create GroupWise Domain page.

    • In the Domain Database Location field, be sure to browse through the drive you accessed in Step 3 to the domain directory you created in Step 4 above.

    • In the Link to Domain field, link the new domain to the primary domain of your GroupWise system.

    • The Configure Link option is selected by default. Select TCP/IP Link to the Other Domain. Refer to the Agent Clustering Worksheet that you filled out in Planning Cluster-Unique Port Numbers for Agents in the Cluster for the resource group IP address and cluster-unique port numbers that you need to specify in order to configure the link.

  8. Use the Link Configuration tool to change the links from the new domain to all other domains in the cluster to direct TCP/IP links, following the steps provided in Changing the Link Protocol between Domains to TCP/IP in Message Transfer Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

    Although a complete mesh link configuration is the most efficient, it might not be feasible in all situations. Set up as many direct TCP/IP links as possible for best MTA performance in the cluster.

  9. Make sure you are still connected to the primary domain.

  10. Rebuild the domain database for the new domain, following the steps provided in Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide. Be sure to browse to the database location (System Clustering Worksheet item 7) through the shared disk you accessed in Step 3 to the domain directory you created in Step 4 above.

    The database rebuild is necessary in order to transfer the MTA configuration information and the domain link information into the secondary domain database, because the MTA for the new secondary domain is not yet running.

  11. Continue with Creating a New Post Office in a Cluster.