14.3 Creating a New Post Office in a Linux Cluster

You can create a new post office on the same GroupWise partition where its domain resides or on a separate GroupWise partition. If the post office and its domain are on the same GroupWise partition, they fail over together. If they are on separate GroupWise partitions, they fail over separately.

To create a new post office in a clustering environment on Linux:

  1. Mount the GroupWise partition where the domain that will own the new post office located.

  2. If necessary, mount the GroupWise partition for the new post office

  3. In ConsoleOne, connect to the GroupWise domain where you want to create the new post office, as described in Connecting to a Domain in Domains in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

  4. Create the new post office, following the steps provided in Creating the New Post Office in Post Offices in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

    Use the Post Office Worksheet you filled out in Section 13.4, Planning a New Clustered Post Office to fill in the fields in the Create GroupWise Post Office dialog box.

  5. Refer to the Agent Clustering Worksheet that you filled in during Section 13.6, Deciding How to Install and Configure the Linux Agents in a Cluster for the secondary IP address and port numbers that you need to specify in order to configure the link.

  6. If you want to create a library at the post office, select Create Library.

    This option creates the document storage area for the library under the post office directory and is not recommended for large libraries.

  7. Right-click the new POA object, then click Properties.

    On the POA Agent Settings and Scheduled Events pages, you might want to specify unique times for the following POA activities to prevent multiple POAs from performing the same activities on the same node at the same time during a failover situation:

    • Start User Upkeep

    • Generate Address Book for Remote

    • Enable QuickFinder Indexing

    • Mailbox/Library Maintenance Event

    For more information about these repetitive POA activities, see Performing Nightly User Upkeep, Regulating Indexing, and Scheduling Database Maintenance in Post Office Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

  8. Make sure you are still connected to the domain that owns the new post office.

  9. Rebuild the post office database for the new post office, following the steps provided in Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide. Be sure to browse to the database location (under System Clustering Worksheet item 11) through the GroupWise partition.

    The database rebuild is necessary in order to transfer the POA configuration information and the post office link information into the post office database, because the POA for the new post office is not yet running.

  10. If you want to create a library with its document storage area outside the post office directory, follow the steps in Setting Up a Basic Library or Setting Up a Full-Service Library in Libraries and Documents in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide, after you have completely finished setting up the clustered post office.

  11. Continue with Installing and Configuring the MTA and the POA in a Cluster to install the POA software for the new post office.