16.6 Managing Trash

All deleted mail and phone messages, appointments, tasks, documents, and reminder notes are stored in the Trash. Items in the Trash can be viewed, opened, or returned to your Mailbox until the Trash is emptied. (Emptying the Trash removes items in the Trash from the system.)

You can empty your entire Trash, or empty only selected items. Items in the Trash are emptied according to the days entered in the Cleanup tab in Environment Options, or you can empty the Trash manually. The system administrator can specify that your Trash is emptied automatically on a regular basis

16.6.1 Displaying Items in Your Trash

  1. In your Folder List, click Trash folder icon.

You can open and save items in the Trash. You can also permanently remove items, return them to the Mailbox, or view information for items. Right-click an item in the Trash to see more options.

16.6.2 Undeleting an Item in Your Trash

  1. In your Folder List, click Trash folder icon.

  2. Select the items you want to undelete.

  3. Click Edit > Undelete.

The undeleted item is placed in the folder from which it was originally deleted. If the original folder no longer exists, the item is placed in your Mailbox.

You can also restore an item by dragging it from the Trash folder to any other folder.

16.6.3 Saving an Item from Your Trash

You can save items that are in the Trash the same way you would save any other item. For more information, see Section 3.4.3, Saving Received E-Mail to Disk.

16.6.4 Emptying the Trash

If your system administrator has specified that your Trash is automatically emptied on a regular basis, you might not be able to change this option.

  1. Right-click Trash folder icon, then click Empty Trash.

Emptying Selected Items from the Trash

  1. In your Folder List, click Trash folder icon.

  2. Select one or more items.

  3. Click Edit > Delete, then click Yes.

Emptying the Trash Automatically

  1. Mac: Click GroupWise > Preferences.

    Linux: Click Tools > Options.

  2. Click Environment > Cleanup.

    Environment dialog box with the Cleanup tab open
  3. Select Auto-delete after in the Empty Trash group box, then specify the number of days between automatic deletions.

  4. Click OK.