A.1 Improved Interface

The GroupWise 8 Mac/Linux client has been improved with an updated look and feel, more customizable user interface, more attractive buttons and icons, and many other changes. The main improvements include:

A.1.1 Nav Bar

The GroupWise 8 Mac/Linux client now has a Nav Bar similar to the Nav Bar on the Windows client. The Nav Bar is customizable and can contain the folders you use most. See Section 1.4.3, Understanding the Nav Bar.

A.1.2 Customizable Toolbar

The Toolbar is now customizable. You can add or remove items from the Toolbar and configure the way icons and text display. See Customizing the Main Toolbar.

A.1.3 Panels

A panel is a customized view of information in GroupWise. A panel can be created to display a multitude of information, from unread items to a summary calendar. A predefined list of panels has been created, but you can also create your own custom panels. See Section 2.4, Using Panels to Organize Your Home Folder.

A.1.4 Customizable Date and Time Formats

The time and date formats in GroupWise are highly customizable. You can specify the order of elements, the type of separators between elements, whether dates are spelled out or represented by numbers, and several other options. See Section 2.5.6, Customizing Date and Time Formats.

A.1.5 Categories

Categories provide you with a way to organize your items. You can assign a category to any item, including contacts. You create and add categories and can give each category an identifying color. The colors display in the Item List and in the Calendar. See Section 2.2, Using Categories to Organize Items.

A.1.6 The Linux Client Can Use the GTK Look and Feel (v8.0.1)

You can now configure the Linux client to use the look and feel of the Linux desktop. See Section 2.1.2, Customizing GroupWise Appearance Settings.

A.1.7 New Folder Types

New folder types give you access to more kinds of information and the ability to better organize your GroupWise items.

  • Home Folder: Your Home folder (indicated by your name) represents your GroupWise database. All folders in your Main Window are subfolders of your Home folder. The Home folder can be organized into panels to display your most important folders. See Section 2.4, Using Panels to Organize Your Home Folder.

  • RSS Feeds Folder: The GroupWise 8 client for Windows now allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds. If you use the Windows client to subscribe to feeds, you can read the feeds in the GroupWise Mac/Linux client, after the Windows client has downloaded the feeds. When you subscribe to RSS feeds, the feeds are displayed in the RSS folder. See RSS Feeds Folder and Section 14.0, RSS Feeds.

  • Tasklist Folder: The new Tasklist folder replaces and expands upon the old Checklist folder. You can move any items (mail messages, phone messages, reminder notes, tasks, or appointments) to this folder and arrange them in the order you want. Each item is marked with a check box so that you can check off items as you complete them. See Using the Tasklist Folder.

A.1.8 Vacation Rule (v8.0.1)

Creating a rule to handle vacations, holidays, and auto replies is fast and easy with the vacation rule feature. See Section 9.4.2, Creating a Vacation Rule or Auto Reply.