8.2 Starting Notify

There are two ways to start Notify. If you cannot start Notify as described in this section, you should re-install the GroupWise client, then select to install Notify when the GroupWise client is installed. If your GroupWise administrator installed the GroupWise client for you, contact your GroupWise administrator.

8.2.1 Starting Notify When GroupWise Starts

You can configure Notify to start when GroupWise is opened, whether you use a shared workstation or your own.

  1. In GroupWise, click Tools > Options.

  2. Click Environment > General.

  3. Select Launch Notify at startup.

    This starts Notify when GroupWise starts and closes Notify when GroupWise is closed.

  4. Click OK, then click Close.

8.2.2 Starting Notify from the Windows Start Menu

  1. Click Start on the Windows taskbar.

  2. Click All Programs > Novell GroupWise > GroupWise Notify.

To make access easier, you can create a shortcut to Notify on your Windows desktop.