15.19 Replacing a Document with a Backup File

You can replace a document in the library with a file you’ve restored from a backup system or with any other file. This is useful if documents have become corrupt through machine failures, network problems, and so on. To do this, you must be a librarian in the GroupWise library where the document is found, or you must be a librarian in any GroupWise library and have Edit rights to the document.

If a file needs to be restored from a backup system and you are uncertain which one to restore, you can see a list of all the BLOB filenames that have ever been assigned to that document version. A BLOB (binary large object) is a document that has been compressed and encrypted in a GroupWise library. To restore a file from a backup, follow the directions for your standard backup software. Then you can replace the corrupt document with the restored file in GroupWise by using Replace Document with Backup.

You can use this feature in Remote Mode only if the document has been downloaded and marked In Use.

  1. Click the document reference.

  2. Click Tools > Replace Document with Backup.

  3. If necessary, look at the entire list of BLOB filenames that have been assigned to that document version and decide which file needs to be restored from backup files.


    Skip to Step 6.

  4. If necessary, exit GroupWise. Using standard backup software, restore the file.

  5. Start GroupWise and repeat Step 1 and Step 2.

  6. Specify the path and filename for the file that will replace the document.