F.4 August 31, 2009 (GroupWise 8.0.1)



Section 3.2.4, Replying to Sent E-Mail

Added instructions on replying to a sent e-mail.

Section 3.3.4, Forwarding E-Mail

Added instructions for forwarding multiple e-mails.

Section 3.4.3, Saving Received E-Mail to Disk or a GroupWise Library

Added additional information on ways to save e-mails by dragging and dropping.

Section 4.2.1, Viewing Your Calendar

Added information about additional calendar views that are available with GroupWise 8.

Section 4.3.2, Scheduling Appointments

Included instructions for using the Time Input window.

Section 16.9, GroupWise Support Information

Added information on where you can find GroupWise support information.