4.4 Registering the Notes Gateway As a Notes User

Because you will run the Notes Gateway on a server other than the Notes/Domino server, you must register the gateway as a Notes user so that it can log in to the Notes/Domino server.

  1. Start the Notes/Domino Administrator as a user with write access to the Notes public Directory.

  2. On the Servers menu in the Notes/Domino Administrator, select the Notes/Domino server where you will register the Notes Gateway as a Notes user that is allowed to log in to the server.

    Server Selection drop-down list
  3. On the Tools menu of the People & Groups tab, click People.

    People drop-down list
  4. Click Register.

  5. Specify the Notes certifier password, then click OK.

    Register Person dialog box
  6. Click Registration Server, select the Notes certifier server (worksheet item 11), then click OK to return to the Register Person dialog box.

  7. Fill in the First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Password fields (worksheet item 11).

  8. Select Advanced, then click Mail.

    Register Person dialog box
  9. Click Mail Server, select the Notes/Domino server that the Notes Gateway will communicate with (worksheet item 11), then click OK.

    The Notes Gateway user’s Mail Server must be the same Notes/Domino server that you specified in the Gateway Server field when defining the GroupWise system as a Notes foreign domain in Section 4.3, Defining the GroupWise System As a Notes Foreign Domain.

  10. Click Register to save the information and add the Notes Gateway user to the Directory.

  11. Click Done and observe that the Notes Gateway user has been added to the list.

    User list
  12. Double-click the Notes Gateway user to display the user’s information.

    Person page
  13. Right-click the userid file at the bottom of the page, then click Save.

  14. Save the file wherever you typically save ID files for your Notes system.

  15. Continue with Setting Up Server and Database Access for the Notes Gateway User.