5.2 Setting Required Parameters

  1. Click Required Parameters to display the Required Parameters page.

    Required Parameters page
  2. Fill in the following fields:

    GroupWise Foreign Domain: Specify the name of the non-GroupWise domain (worksheet item 12) that you want to create in your GroupWise system to represent the Notes system (for example, NotesSystem).

    When you first start the Notes Gateway, the non-GroupWise (NotesSystem) domain is created automatically. Under the non-GroupWise (NotesSystem) domain, an external post office is created for each Notes domain and given the same name as the corresponding Notes domain. If you enable directory exchange and synchronization, as described in Section 7.1, Enabling Directory Synchronization and Exchange, Notes users are added to these external post offices as external GroupWise users.

    After the non-GroupWise (NotesSystem) domain is created, you can use the GroupWise View by expanding the GroupWise System object in ConsoleOne to view the external domain, post offices, and users that represent the Notes system in your GroupWise system

    Notes ID Password: Specify the password for the Notes user registered for the gateway (worksheet item 11), as set up in Section 4.4, Registering the Notes Gateway As a Notes User.

  3. Click OK to save the information about the Notes system in the GroupWise system.

    You have now provided sufficient configuration information to start the Notes Gateway.

  4. Continue with Section 6.0, Running the Notes Gateway.