Novell Identity Audit 1.0 Hotfix 1

December 15, 2008

1.0 Documentation

The following sources on the Novell documentation web site provide information about Novell® Identity Audit 1.0:

  • Identity Audit 1.0 Guide: Installation, Usage, and Maintenance

  • Product guides for supported Novell identity and security applications

2.0 Documentation Conventions

In this documentation, a greater-than symbol (>) is used to separate actions within a step and items in a cross-reference path.

A trademark symbol (® , TM, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark; an asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark

3.0 Product Overview

Novell Identity Audit 1.0 is an easy to use, lightweight tool for collecting, aggregating and storing events from Novell Identity Manager, Novell Access Manager, Novell eDirectory, and other Novell identity and security products and technologies. Key features include:

  • Web-based administration and reporting interfaces

  • Full-event search tool allows searches across multiple event fields

  • Selected event output to several channels

  • Embedded Jasper Reports engine to allow the use of open source tools for customizing included reports or creating new reports

  • Built-in database to eliminate the need for external database licenses or administration

  • Simple, intuitive data management tools

This hotfix includes bug fixes and enhancements.

4.0 Installation

The primary prerequisite for installation of this hotfix is Identity Audit 1.0 on a supported platform.

  1. Log into the Identity Audit server as the novell user.

    The novell user is created during the Identity Audit installation process and does not have a password by default. Therefore, you can create a password in order to log in as this user, or you can su - to this user.

  2. Download or copy the installer package to a temporary directory .

  3. Unzip the installer package.

  4. Change to the unzipped directory:

    cd IDENTITY_AUDIT_1.0.0.1
  5. Stop the Identity Audit services using the following command:

    /install_directory/bin/ stop

  6. Run the hotfix installer and follow the prompts:


5.0 Defects Fixed in this Release

In addition to various translation updates, the following defects have been resolved in this release. Since the bugs have been migrated to a system with a different numbering system, both bug numbers are provided below.

SCT-200/451329 Changing the Audit Server status did not have the expected results on the Event Sources. FIXED. Turning the Audit Server off changes the status of all Event Sources to offline. Turning the Audit Server on displays the current status of each Event Source. If the Audit Server is off when an Event Source is turned on, the Audit Server is automatically turned on, and the current status of each Event Source is displayed.

SCT-217/451313 Audit Server health status always shows red. FIXED. The Audit Server health status is accurate.

SCT-242/451288 The health status shown on the Data Storage page is more accurate because additional error checking is done.

SCT-243/451287 Save is not always enabled in Data Collection when a change is made. FIXED. The Save button is enabled whenever a change is made to the Data Collection configuration.

SCT-244/451286 Users are prevented from saving a rule with an action that has not been configured.

SCT-248/451282 Error handling is improved while reading the file to prevent the file being inappropriately overwritten.

SCT-250/451280 When report result sets are large, PDF generation time may exceed the web server timeout. FIXED. The PDF is now generated when the report is run instead of when the report results are requested.

SCT-251/451279 Report PDFs are generated when the report is run instead of when a user attempts to mail the results. Identity Audit is able to mail large result sets.

SCT-252/451278 The Data Collection interface showed error status for connections that looked healthy through netstat. FIXED.

SCT-263/451267 Errors with deleting users due to case sensitivity of usernames have been fixed.

SCT-269/451261 Reports that were processing when the Identity Audit server was stopped had a permanent status of Processing when the server was restarted. FIXED. If a report was processing when the Identity Audit server stopped, when the server restarts users will have the option of canceling the report or restarting it.

SCT-270/451260 Errors with changing user passwords due to case sensitivity of usernames have been resolved.

SCT-277/451253 The default search in the Search interface sometimes initialized incorrectly and returned the wrong search results. FIXED.

6.0 Enhancements

SCT-226/451304 Fields in the Search Tips are reorganized in alphabetical order by long name.

SCT-228/451302 Report descriptions display as tool tips when the cursor hovers over a report name.

SCT-231/451299 Event source status shows status by IP address.

SCT-242/451288 Error checking for offline partition job errors checks all partitioned tables to improve error reporting.

SCT-249/451281 Administrative users can delete event sources (for example, event sources that are permanently errored because the event source application has been uninstalled).

SCT-262/451268 Usernames are authenticated using lowercase characters, so users can enter usernames in any case when logging in.

7.0 Known Issues

The following issues are known defects in this release.

SCT-184/451345 Running a large number of reports at once leads to PermGen space errors. Workaround: If the server becomes unresponsive, restart the Identity Audit processes.

SCT-186/451343 There are intermittent errors (“Error on page” in the browser) when running reports. Workaround: Refresh the page and rerun the report.

SCT-258/451272 The installer proceeds to completion even if the server has a 32-bit operating system. Workaround: Before installing, verify that you are installing on a 64-bit machine.

SCT-261/451269 When the Identity Audit server is shut down while receiving a high volume of events, many “Index already closed” messages are logged.

SCT-267/451263 Logged in user session does not automatically timeout if the user remains within the Search, Reports, or one of the administrative pages. Workaround: Click the logout button to log out of the user session.

SCT-278/451252 If the Rules page is selected within three minutes of starting the Identity Audit server, the rules are not displayed properly. Workaround: Refresh the page to force the rules to reload.