6.2 Activating Identity Manager Products Using a Generic Credential

  1. After purchasing a license, you will receive an e-mail from Novell with your Customer ID. The e-mail also contains a link under the Order Detail section to the site where you can obtain your generic credential. Click the link to go to the site.

    IMPORTANT:Only three differing e-mail addresses can be used to access the link where you can obtain the generic credential. If you try to access the link with more than three e-mail addresses, it is considered as a security risk and you are denied access. Additionally, only the e-mail address designated as the owner/contract for the Customer ID receives the e-mail containing the Order Detail section with the information on obtaining the generic license. If your response e-mail does not contain the Order Detail section, you need to contact the Customer ID person within your organization to obtain the generic credential.

    After clicking the link, you should see a page similar to the illustration below:

    Electronic license distribution page
  2. Click the license download link and either save (download) or open the .html file.

    After the file is opened, its content should be similar to the content shown in the illustration below:

    Activation credential
  3. Proceed to Section 6.3, Installing a Product Activation Credential for instructions on how to activate Identity Manager and drivers.