5.1 Managing XSLT Style Sheets in Designer

XSLT policy style sheets are added, modified, and deleted using Designer. The following sections provide details on using XSLT style sheets in Designer:

5.1.1 Adding an XSLT Policy in Designer

  1. Open a project in Designer and select the Outline tab.

  2. Select the driver and location where you want the style sheet.

  3. Right-click and select Add Policy >XSLT.

    Add Policy and Select XSLT
  4. Specify the name of the style sheet.

  5. Select Open Editor after creating policy, then click OK.

    Add a Name to the Policy
  6. Select Yes to save the project before editing the new policy.

    File Conflict Window
  7. Add the style sheet information below the line add your custom templates here.

    Style Sheet
  8. Save the style sheet by selecting File > Save.