4.3 Argument Builder

The Argument Builder provides a dynamic graphical interface that enables you to construct complex argument expressions for use within Rule Builder.

The Argument Builder consists of five separate sections:

Figure 4-3 Argument Builder

4.3.1 Launching the Argument Builder

To launch the Argument Builder, select one of the following actions, then click the Edit the Arguments icon Edit arguments icon.

4.3.2 Argument Builder Example

The following example creates an argument for a user name from the first letter of the first name and the entire last name:

  1. Double-click Attribute from the list of nouns.

    Attribute token
  2. Specify or select the Given Name attribute.

    Given Name attribute
  3. Double-click Substring from the list of verbs.

    Substring token
  4. Type 1 in the Length field.

    Length field
  5. Select the Given Name attribute, then click the Move Down icon.

    Move down icon
  6. Double-click Attribute from the list of nouns.

  7. Specify or browse to the Surname attribute.

    Surname attribute

    The argument takes the first character of the Given Name attribute and adds it to the Surname attribute to build the desired value.

  8. Click OK to save the argument.