8.3 Creation - Require Attributes

This rule does not allow user objects to be created unless the required attributes are populated. Implement the rule on the Creation policy in the driver. You can implement the rule on either the Subscriber or the Publisher channel or on both channels.

There are two steps involved in using the predefined rules: creating a policy in the Creation policy set and importing the predefined rule. If you already have a Creation policy that you want to add this rule to, skip to Importing the Predefined Rule.

8.3.1 Creating a Policy

  1. From the Outline view or the Policy Flow view, select the Publisher or Subscriber channel.

  2. Select the Creation policy set in the Policy Set view, then click Create or add a new policy to the Policy Set icon Create or Add a New Policy icon to create a new policy.

  3. Click Create a new policy, then click Next.

  4. Name the policy.

  5. Use the default location or browse and select another location to place the policy in the driver.

    Create Policy Wizard
  6. Select Open Editor after creating policy, then click Next.

  7. Select DirXML Script for the type of policy, then click Finish.

  8. A file conflict window appears with the message “ Before editing this item you need to save. Do you wish to save the editor’s changes and continue?” Click Yes. The Policy Builder is launched and the new Creation policy is saved.

  9. Continue with Section 8.3.2, Importing the Predefined Rule.

8.3.2 Importing the Predefined Rule

  1. Right-click in the Policy Builder and click New > Predefined Rule > Insert Predefined Rule Before or Insert Predefined Rule After.

  2. Select Creation - Require attributes, then click OK.

    Creation - Requires attributes
  3. Edit the action by double-clicking the Actions tab.

  4. Delete [Enter name of required attribute] from the Enter Name field.

  5. Browse to and select the attributes you require for a User object to be created, then click OK.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Save the rule by selecting File > Save.

8.3.3 How the Rule Works

This rule is used when your business processes require a user to have specific attributes populated when the user object is created. When a user object is created, the rule vetoes the creation of the object unless the required attributes are provided. You can have one or more required attributes.

If you want more than one required attribute, right-click the action and select New > Append Action. Select veto if operation attribute not available, then browse to the attribute you want to require.